Who’s who in the Spirit World?

An Introduction to your Spirit Guides

My entry into working with Spirit energies came through the Angelic realm. I was a student of the angels and was confident in my readings of bringing through guidance from them along with loved ones in spirit. I remember doing readings at a Psychic Fair one Saturday early on in my career. I was getting what felt like human energy coming through and couldn’t receive any validation from my sitters as to any loved ones in spirit matching my descriptions. I walked away dismayed, not understanding why my accuracy wasn’t there that day.

When I got home, I asked my team of angels what that was all about. They told me “Don’t forget the Spirit Guides.” Oh, of course, there was another realm of energies I hadn’t even explored yet and that was the energy I was feeling. Through much exploration on my own, I developed a system to meet my guides and work with them for my guidance as well as for those of my clients.

So, who exactly are these spirit guides? Before our soul enters into human form, it works with a team of energies. I call them The Council. The Council prepares us for what is ahead and then stays with us as we are in our human experience. Since our soul memory was wiped clean as we entered into human form, we don’t often recognize that they are still with us. On our Council, we have angels who are light beings, and spirit guides, who have been in the physical world at some point. The spirit guides understand what it is to be human and work with us on seeing a higher perspective of this lifetime. We have an Inner Band of these spirit guides who work with us for this lifetime, similar to our Guardian Angels. Here is an outline of who’s who in the spirit world and how to best work with them.

  • Joy Guide – Your Joy Guide is typically a younger energy. They have chosen many lifetimes to pass as a child so they can remain in that joyful, childlike state. They teach us how to enjoy this lifetime and to have fun living in this world.
  • Native Guide – Your Native Guide is one who helps you along your path with the necessities of life. They know the “lay of the land” and will assist you in obtaining items needed in this lifetime and to guide you in the direction that is for your best and highest good. They will assist you in finding your path.
  • Dr. Teacher – Your Dr. Teacher is your spiritual director. They will assist you in understanding your life purpose and bring you to the human teachers you need to experience in your lifetime. They help you see your life from a higher perspective and to see the lessons you are here to learn.
  • Dr. Chemist or Dr. of Alchemy – This Doctor is helping in your personal healing and in healing others if you do healing work.   They will guide you to the right “cure” and also help you in finding the right practitioners and teachers for you. If you are an energy healer or traditional medicine practitioner, they will help you in your healing of others.
  • Masters – This level of energy works with us on learning and applying higher life lessons. The qualities and characteristics of these energies, or what they were known for within their lifetime on earth, are the qualities and characteristics that we are here to learn and apply to our life. For example, if Mother Mary is around you, your path might be one of learning or teaching unconditional love, compassion or sacrifice.
  • Ascended Masters – Like the Masters, the Ascended Masters are of higher vibration and have reached their Ascension level. There are seven connected to what is called the Rainbow Rays and many others who serve as world teachers for us. The seven Ascended Master of the Rays are El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Lady Nada and St. Germain. Each of these Ascended Masters and the others represent a lesson and a quality for us to apply to our life.   If you find that a particular Ascended Master is around you all the time, you may want to look up information on them in order to see what it is you are to learn in this lifetime.
  • Teachers – Teacher guides assist us in learning and mastering a specific task or skill. For instance, if you are learning a particular form of mediumship, you may have a Teacher who did that in their lifetime and can better assist you in your learning. For example, I have a Teacher in spirit who works specifically with me on a physical mediumship skill called Trumpets. In her lifetime, she was well known for her mastery of this work and was a teacher of it for many people. Teachers can be assigned to you for a specific teaching and then once you have learned it, another Teacher may be assigned to you for another level of learning.

Now that you know who you might be connecting to, let’s learn how to connect. When working with spirit energies, it helps to create a relationship with them in order to feel comfortable with the guidance they provide you. One of the best ways to create that relationship is through meditation. You need to be able to quiet your mind enough to allow your vibration to raise and make a connection to the other side. As you connect to your breathing pattern and relax, imagine your energy body, or etheric body, starting to pull away from your physical form, as if you were two beings. Feel the energy body drift and float upward as you eventually come to a door. This is your door to the Upper Room, a place to meet with your Council. When you are ready, enter through the doorway and notice what your room feels like or what you see. Call upon one of your spirit guides to be present. Notice what you see, feel, hear and know for yourself. Receive fully in your heart center their unconditional love and guidance. Spend time with your guide and ask any questions that you would like of that guide. Perhaps they share with you a name, which is usually a name from a previous lifetime for them. You may sense what they are wearing or what their character is like. Just allow all this information to come to you without judging whether it is real or accurate. You may feel like you are making up a story. Just go with it. When you are ready to return, imagine yourself exiting through the doorway to your Upper Room and drifting slowly downward into your physical body. Reconnect fully at the area of the diaphragm and begin to breathe on your own. It is best to have a journal to write down your experiences with your guides. Make note of anything you saw, heard, felt or knew during your meeting. You can do this with each of your guides until you have a better understanding of their energy. I find it best to work with one at a time until you get to know each of them. You may then find that they come to you in pairs or as a complete Council.

When you are in a conscious state, you can call upon your guides to be with you and assist you throughout your day. You may feel their energy in a specific location within your energy field or just know they are there. As you start, you will most likely sense the presence of one spirit guide over the others. Work with the one who is most present for you. When I do readings for others, I place my spirit guides around me in a certain configuration. They each have a task during sessions and it helps me to be a clear and concise Medium by using them as my assistants. If I can’t tell my sitter who is providing me with the information, they may think it is just me making it up. For this reason, I teach students to practice Evidential Mediumship. Any spirit energy coming through for my sitter, has to first come through my team and secondly, they have to provide me with three specific evidential pieces of information before I will let them in. If I’m not able to receive the three pieces of information, they have to move one space back in the line until they can. This helps me stay consistent as a medium, stay focused on the information coming through from spirit and provide accurate, validating information to my sitter.

We all have an amazing capacity to connect with spirit energies. The more time we spend with them, the easier it is for us to maintain a clear connection and trust in the information we are receiving. You will feel like you are making up a story at first, however when all that you received starts occurring in your life, you will begin to trust. Your spirit guides are available to assist you in all aspects of your life. Even if you don’t remember which spirit guide works with what area of your life, you can simply call upon them to be with you and assist you. They are happy to work with us in all ways.

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