Grow the Power Within

Discover your true nature

Because the Master doesn't start out on the mountain.

Your soul knows the way.

All of your life you’ve had gifts. But your gifts were unlike anything they taught you in school, so you put them aside, and focused on what was asked of you.

You filled your mind with learning. Facts. Figures, Rules. Yet you always sensed there was something more. Something greater. Something beyond — just outside your grasp.

As you grew, the feeling within you kept growing, and you began to understand that the most important teachings don't come from the outside. They come from the inside.

The little voice inside you wants you to know about the Psyche Institute for Higher Learning.  It's a place where you can Grow the Power Within.  A place where you can learn fundamentals to build upon.  A place where you are not just a student but where you belong within a community of seekers.

Congratulations, you've found your way.