Mediumship Certificate Program

Unlock the Mysteries of the Spirit World: Enroll in our Mediumship Mastery Program Today!

(formerly Level I and II Mediumship)

Are you eager to deepen your connection with the Spirit world, unlock your innate Mediumship abilities, and embark on a life-transforming journey of spiritual growth? If you're ready to take your Mediumship skills to new heights and possibly even consider a professional path in this profound field, our Mediumship Mastery Program is your gateway to success!


What is the Mediumship Mastery Program?

Our Mediumship Mastery Program is a comprehensive, 4-month online course designed to guide you through the realms of Mediumship. This course combines live interactive sessions on Zoom, recorded videos, online community and ample practice opportunities to ensure you develop the expertise needed to communicate with the Spirit world with confidence and accuracy.


Why Choose the Mediumship Mastery Program?

Expert Guidance:

The program is led by Priscilla Bengtson, a Medium with 20-years of professional experience. Priscilla will be mentoring you, providing personalized feedback, and supporting you throughout your journey.

Structured Curriculum:

The program is meticulously designed with a success path in mind, each video and meeting building upon the skills of the previous one. You'll explore a wide range of topics, from understanding the Spirit world to advanced Mediumship techniques.

Transformational Experience:

Prepare to go beyond the surface and tap into your innate abilities. Our program offers a safe and supportive environment for spiritual growth, empowering you to unleash your potential.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Participate from the comfort of your home through online Zoom sessions. Recorded videos also ensure you can review the material at your own pace. A private Facebook community is available, and a class hub will store all the recordings and bonuses.

Validation and Feedback:

Documented sessions and constructive feedback from Priscilla and your fellows classmates will help you refine your Mediumship skills, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of your readings.


Course Highlights:

Foundations of Mediumship:

  • Gain insights into the Spirit world and its inhabitants.
  • Understand the differences between psychic and Mediumship work.
  • Identify and overcome personal blocks hindering your Mediumship development.
  • Establish connections with your Angels and Guides through guided meditations.
  • Master the art of receiving and interpreting spiritual energies.
  • Embrace ethical principles and responsibilities as a Medium.
  • Practice concentration exercises and skill drills to enhance your abilities.
  • Develop your unique Psychic Dictionary to interpret symbols during readings.
  • Learn to conduct insightful readings for yourself and others.
  • Engage in practice readings with classmates and volunteers to refine your message delivery.


Advancing Mediumship Proficiency:

  • Explore the historical evolution of Mediumship and draw wisdom from the past.
  • Distinguish mental vs. physical Mediumship and discover your strengths.
  • Strengthen your focus through advanced concentration techniques.
  • Deepen your spirit connection through guided meditations.
  • Utilize tools like Inspirational Writing, Flame Cards, Billets, Psychometry and more.
  • Make direct connections with departed loved ones, offering comfort and closure.
  • Elevate your Mediumship with evidential messages, leaving no doubt about their authenticity.
  • Expand and advance your unique Mediumship system.
  • Engage in intensive practice sessions to further validate your Mediumship abilities.


What’s included in the Mastery program?

  • Nine, two-hour Zoom sessions with Priscilla. Class dates are September 19, October 3, 17, November 7, 21, December 5, 19, and January 2, and 16, 2024.  Class is held from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET.
  • Eight video courses, each building upon the previous.
  • Private class Facebook group
  • Private class Hub where all the video recordings, class recordings and bonus meditations are housed. You will be able to search the hub by keywords and be taken directly to the location you are looking for.


Enroll Now and Embrace the Unseen!

Are you ready to open the doors to the Spirit world, embark on a spiritual journey like no other, and develop Mediumship abilities that will leave a profound impact on your life and the lives of others? Join our Mediumship Mastery Program and unlock the mysteries that await you. Use the form at the bottom of this page and I will confirm your participation and provide payment links.

Investment: $900 or four monthly payments of $225

Spaces are limited, so act fast to secure your spot in this transformative course. Embrace the unseen, embrace the unknown, and become a powerful conduit between realms. Enroll today!



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