Medical Intuition Certificate Program


Take your skills to the next level in this comprehensive course exploring the intuitive ways in which we can discover the root cause of issues and assist people in healing both their physical and energetic bodies. In this program you will gain a working knowledge of medical intuition and thoroughly understand the energy body and how it impacts our physical health as well as how we function in the world.  Participants will have plenty of hands on experience using the techniques taught in this program to intuitively receive health, energy and emotional information and relay this in a beneficial way to a client. This is not a program to diagnose physical issues, rather explore the root cause of the issue and help facilitate the emotional and physical healing. Once the root cause is identified, participants will learn to effectively coach people through the process of healing.

Each meeting, a different topic is discussed which builds upon the previous lessons.    The last month is clinical sessions where students will be providing Medical Intuitive sessions to volunteers while Priscilla is present to coach.  Zoom session may be held in between meetings to stay connected.  Each participant will also choose a client to work with for a two-month period and document their progress as tools learned in class are used to move them from a starting point to where they wish to be.

During the course, you will:

  • have a greater understanding of chakra energy and how it impacts each level of the human experience
  • learn how illness is truly an energetic dis-ease
  • learn how to access the physical, emotional and energetic bodies
  • learn how to scan the bodies for physical, emotional and energetic issues and what they are related to
  • expand your knowledge of the physical body and how it operates
  • learn how to better tap into your psychic abilities
  • enhance your Mediumship techniques to help you in your readings
  • learn how to coach people through the healing process from a higher spiritual perspective
  • learn tools to assist people in identifying where they are currently and how to get to where they wish to be
  • have plenty of practice sessions with classmates and volunteers

The class meets online via Zoom with some recorded content participants are responsible for watching.  A private Facebook group is set up for the class to communicate between meetings.  If you are registering for this program, please be committed to the requirements of the program including working with case study clients.  You are only allowed to miss one class due to illness or emergency.

Class Time:  9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern time (lunch break given at 12:30 p.m. each session)

Call 860.430.9801 or use the form below to register or request more information.

2023 Class dates:

January 28

February 4 & 25

March 4 & 25

April 1 & 29

May 27

Clinical Reading dates will be held during May and June 2023.  These are practice session dates with volunteers held online with Priscilla present to coach you.

Cost: $1,700.00 (Payment Plan available)


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