How long does it take to become a Medium?

I was at an Expo recently launching the Psyche Institute.  It was interesting to me the reactions that I got from people as they came by the booth.  Many were so excited that there was actually a school to attend and that they didn’t know anything like this existed.  Others were less than impressed and wanted to know how I could make someone a Medium in a weekend.  So the question came up….

How long does it take to become a Medium?

In the past, due to the level of Universal energy, it might have taken someone years to master Mediumship.  Some of this had to do with the energy and much of it had to do with the lack of availability of teachers.  Many Mediums in the past learned by doing so it was difficult to teach someone how they actually connect with Spirit. As Spiritualist camps developed, they became a teaching forum for students to learn.  Camps like Lily Dale Assembly, Camp Chesterfield and Cassadaga, if you could get to them,  were the places to be learn the art of Mediumship.  Many people turned to published books to read about how to connect with Spirit.  Working on your own can be challenging in raising your vibration.  Working in a group helps significantly.

I believe that we are all Mediums by nature.  We can into this world able to connect with Spirit because we are in essence, Spirit.  We are here to master our human experience not to learn how to be spiritual.  We already have that mastered.  So by default, what is there really to learn?

When I teach a class, I am very clear that I cannot teach people how to do Mediumship as I do it.  I can teach them how they need to do it.  My job is to provide the fundamental skills.  Classes are merely a REMINDER of what we already know and have mastered before we came into the human.  Since 2012, the Universal energy is at a much higher vibration.  Things connected to energy are elevating at a much higher level.  What took someone years to master may now only take them months.  It’s been fun watching it happen.  Students come to me with “things happening” for them. They just need to put it together in some useable format.

So to answer the question, “How long does it take to become a Medium?”, is really an individual response.  Some people, once they have a foundation, work on it daily and accelerate their ability much quicker.  Others spend less time at it and accelerate at a much slower pace.  Our connection to Spirit can also ebb and flow based on what is happening in our human life. If we want to get caught up in the minutia of humanity, we will slow down our progress.  If we choose to take a higher perspective, we will progress much more easily.  It’s really a free will choice.

I’m proud of what I do as a teacher.  I am the happiest when my students surpass me and something I aim for. That is the greatest compliment that I can receive.  I’m here to remind people of their true nature.  Once they accept that, they excel in their skills and in life.  It is a lot of fun for me to watch the progress made over a weekend from wide-eyed students on Day 1 to confident Mediums on Day 2 and from scared Level I students to professional Level III Mediums.

I didn’t have a teacher to teach me.  My Guides worked with me in order to avoid any human bias.  I am very conscientious when teaching that I keep my bias out of it and allow students to find their own beliefs.  There are a million ways to do something and each student needs to find the way that works for them.  My growth happened very quickly without teachers.  I know the same is, and will be, true for my students.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

So, How long DOES it take to become a Medium?  You decide….

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  1. I go on line to see how long it takes to be a medium. I have so many questions and just can’t learn fast enough and still find it unbelievable that I am actually a medium. What is the first thing that come on line Psyche institute. I shouldn’t question you !!!I Just need to stop wondering and just go with it and start listening to you !!!. Thank you for being a great teacher.Donna O


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