Healing vs. Curing

A few years ago, I was in a healing share and partnered with a gentleman who was just coming back to his healing career.  In his area of the world, he was a very well-known healer until one day he just stopped doing it.  He grew up in a strict, fundamentalist religion so for him to even step a foot into Spiritualism was huge.  He became “the guy”  you go to for healing.  When I asked him about his story of why he stopped, I was a little taken back.  One of his female friends had cancer and he was more than happy to work his healing magic on her.  As cancer does, it has a way of taking a life and so his friend crossed over to the other side.  He felt like a failure because he couldn’t cure her of cancer. He lost his belief that he could heal.  I made one simple statement to him.

“Perhaps you did heal her, but you simply didn’t cure her because having cancer was one of the lessons she was here to learn.”

He hadn’t ever looked at it that way.  He simply took it upon himself to believe that he had failed.  My guess is that he also had a lesson to learn from her having cancer.

It brings me to the point of healing vs. curing.  Each of us has a path that we are on.  Our physical bodies are going to eventually die of something.  The physical body is an amazing machine and has the ability to heal itself.  When we treat it well, it stays in perfect order.  When we do not, we allow dis-ease to come into our experience.   When we heal, we are holding space for that person to explore the underlying issues of their life and/or illness.  We facilitate an environment that allows the energy body to bring itself into a natural balance.  When we see the lessons, make the shifts in perspective, change the way we live in the world and treat our physical body well, the body has the ability to cure itself of dis-ease.  As vibration raises, wellness prevails.

Walking away from our path because someone passes is taking on someone else’s energy.  They have their own path and as a healer, we do not have to take on that energy.  If they are meant to cross over at that time, there is no amount of healing we can do to stop that.  We can however facilitate the process to help them feel better, close out chapters of their life and support them in their passing.

Recognize your role as a facilitator of the process.  The energy is not yours to own.  You are simply the conduit through which the energy passes.  Throughout your healing career, you may heal and you may cure.  The key is to clearly understand your role.

Meeting that gentleman that day is something I will never forget.  It’s been a few years and I still remember the story as if it were yesterday.  The lesson is something I keep within my conscious mind so as not to let my ego get the best of me.  I believe that whatever is for my client’s best and highest good will occur.  I’m just an active bystander.

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  1. Priscilla,
    This resonated so deeply with me. Thank you for this insight. I had been a nurse for greater than 30 years. I always knew I was a healer but as a young person I knew nothing of healing practices and took the traditional role as a nurse. I was terribly uncomfortable in this role to the point of developing physical symptoms. About 8 years ago I began exploring the world of healing. I became certified in Reconnective Healing. My heart is in healing practice. I have left nursing as there were too many aspects of western medicine that I could not agree with and continue to be part of.

    I have often held back on offering my healing work to people in FEAR of not being able to produce the expected outcome of cure. Thank you for this reminder. Intellectually I know that healing and cure can be two very different outcomes but this, so eloquently reminded me.


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